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From selfie to Art

Angelika Poels

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From Selfie to Art

From Selfie to Art

With the serie " From Selfie to Art " she shows how she feels about the phenomenom Selfies en the visible world these days. In the paintings the selfies are almost abstract. Somethimes visible, sometimes hardly visible but never prominent This in contrast to the visible selfies nowadays.

Selfie in Red belongs to the series ¨From selfie to Art¨ in which Angelika brings together handicraft and modern appearance. The pure and rapid use of paint combined with physical resources show a contemporary image and transparency that is strengthened even further through the plexiglas.
Nowadays it looks normal and fantastic to put yourself in the spotlight through Selfies. To be able to capture your image every second of the day. Put them on Facebook and voila: The whole world knows you. You feel important. With this thought my idea came up. A comment on all these useless selfies.


Exposities - Exhibitions

Kasteel Sterckshof Deurne, België
01/12/2018 to 30/12/2018

Kom naar de unieke locatie in een heus kasteel. Vanaf 1 december is er de Exhibition/ Epositie in Kasteel STerckshof in Deurne Belgie. Via Artic Monkey doen er 38 kunstenaars mee en je kunt een maand lang het Kasteel bezoeken. 

Vernissage 1 december , 16.00 uur tot 21.00 uur

Verdere openingstijden zijn:

woensdag,donderdag en zondag van 13.00 uur tot 18.00 uur

vrijdag en zaterdag van 13.00 uur tot 21.00 uur

Adres: Cornelissenlaan 10, BE-2100 Deurne

entree € 5 , met uitnodiging gratis        

In het Kasteel, Belgie Deurne
01/12/2011 to 31/12/2018

Expositie van 1 december tot 31 december    " Kunst In het Kasteel" in Belgie Deurne

Verdere info volgt snel